Child Safe

Quick Drainage

UV Stabilized

Less mud, no pollen, shock-absorbing material. Protects kids from allergies, keeps scrapes, cuts and bruises to a minimum. Provides safest surface for your kids to play on.
    Drains quickly even after receiving significant rain, which prevents odor and bacteria buildup. Withstands heavy snowfalls, hot climates. No more worries about water drainage.
      Made from synthetic fibers that can withstand strong UV radiation.

        Pet Friendly


        No Mowing

        Keeps dirt and mud off your pets, resilient to rough-housing. No muddy paws, no more digging holes in the yard, no build-up of bacteria.
          Our artificial turf will last for 15+ years. Grass blades are sturdy and rodent-proof.
            Get rid of your least favorite household chore - mowing the lawn. Artificial grass does not require mowing and weeding. No weeds are produced as it is not a real grass.

              No Mud

              No Watering


              Direct Buyers

              As artificial turf doesn’t require water, you don’t need to worry about the generation of mud. No more dirt inside the house when kids and pets play in the grass.
                There is no need to water artificial grass. It is long-lasting and your lawn will stay beautiful and evergreen irrespective of the season. It does not need water to look good.
                  You can place your order and directly pay us online.